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Learn why PostingKIT is better than any other related software!



Easy SEO


Easy to Use & User Friendly


When we were creating PostingKIT, we used many software to see what they are lacking, we found that almost all are difficult to use and without training or expert skills they are not very easy to use. So keeping that in mind we decided to create something that is very easy to use and even a stupid can use the software.


We have also created videos to show how our software works, you would get that point that using PostingKIT would be easy and you can learn to use it within 10 minutes.


You can downlaod 15 day free trial from following link:


Great GUI


Top Graphics


We also noticed in other software that none of them were having good look and design, now you would say what design and look is concered with seo or similar software? The simple answer to that confusion is that it is bonus point, you feel good to use the software and it is like fun using it, on the other hand software with lame design make it bad to work on them.


Second thing that matter is that design tells us about the team who developed the software, the software with bad designs show that team behind that such software is not very effective, if they have not focussed on look, then there are definitely certain programming mistakes which a normal computer use cannot understand but such mistakes make the difference at the end.



Light Software


Light Weight


PostingKIT is not a heavy software, what I mean is that it comes with many features but it is designed in such a way that it works without consuming too much computer resources. It is created using virtual technology which do not take much load and works perfect without any issue.


Also there are certain websites which cause load issues, we have tried our best to make not cause the load the computer, these sites can create problem for you. We have created such scripts that they do not create such issues that it originally may can cause without scripts.


It means you do not need some heavy computer a normal dual core computer would be ok for PostingKIT and the job would be done perfectly with it.



Own Modules


Custom Modules


There are many software which are built in integrated with many websites but what happens when you need to automate the job for custom website or some unknown website? In such cases other software would not work because the developer cannot integrate every website. To solve such issue we have created such engine to accept custom modules which can be created without programming skills. So that means you can integrate any website of world with it without any programming skill.


That is the power of PostingKIT, you can not only create your own module but you can download from our store, why create new when it is available in store?



Captcha Solver


Captcha Reader


PostingKIT can read and solve any captcha of world, you would just need to buy credits for that, once you bought credits you just have to see that PostingKIT is doing every job even websites with captcha.


Almost all software use third party services to break captcha, which sometimes make it long for end user to get them, for examplle you buy software then you buy credits from third party then you start, but here at PostingKIT you buy software, you buy credits and start using the captcha reader, all at one place.


POP3 & IMAP Supported


Read & Write Mails


All other software can read mails but they cannot write back to the mail, using PostingKIT, you can use that function to mass mails or you can reply to the mails coming from website or your clients.


You can also make PostingKIT to access links from the emails sent to your inbox. PostingKIT supports both POP3 & IMAP Protocols which enables you to access inbox of all popular mail providers like yahoo, hotmail, gmail, hushmail etc.


These mail functions make PostingKIT unique as mentioned earlier that no related software provide such feature.


Full Reporting


Reporting in PDF & DOCX Format


Very few software are providing reporting but there reporting is not as good as our software do provide of every job. We also noticed that no software have the ability to export report in PDF or DOCX format, PostingKIT can do that which enables you to send the report to your client if you are seo expert by profession or some job doer.


The reports includes the full statistics and the list of every target you are working on through PostingKIT.



Create Screen Shots


Screen Shots


This feature is the one that no other softwrae have, PostingKIT or related software process thousands of targets on daily base, some errors cause it difficult to see every error, at certain points you can use the PostingKIT to create screen shot and save to your hard disk so when the job is completed, you can see the screen shots of errors which were taken at the time of errors.


These screen shots not only make you to know the error but also enable you to fix them so when you start the job next time you would avoid such errors and make the success rate higher than ever.



Proxy Supported


Proxy Supported


We respect the privacy of every customer, as you can see we have not only created privacy policy but we have made our software to support proxies. Every customer have right to hide his real ip so that job is done anonymously and privacy of user is not disturbed.


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